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hghs sales tools Apr 14, 2022

In the How Good Humans Sell room on April 7th, our conversation focused on sales tools. When we look at all the options out there for sales enablement, it can make our heads spin! So let’s talk CRMs (Customer Relationship Management) systems.

Your CRM is only as good as you are at keeping it up to date. If you put nothing in, you get nothing back. “Garbage in, garbage out,” as Yoram Stone put it. A decent CRM is critical. Our moderators recommend starting  your day with opening your CRM dashboard to read your sales to dos, even before you check your email.  

Most salespeople do not enjoy filling in their CRMs, so leadership needs to make it easy. If necessary, get an expert to help you set up the CRM properly. Integrate it with everything else so the system is there to help you.

Your CRM must be connected to your funnel/pipeline. If your funnel is not up to date, it isn’t helpful. Bill Ganon points out that technology (in this case CRMs) has made us efficient communicators but not always more effective communicators.

Liz Heiman shared that funnel reviews are critical to the success of the implementation of the CRM. Each of us can take responsibility to review our own work and if we have documented whom we are talking to and what the next step needs to be to sell to that person. Catherine Brown shared that one of her clients reminds herself, “I’m happy when I obey myself by following the instructions I gave myself in my CRM.” There is no need to wonder what the next step is if you document and set a task while you’re thinking about it!

Some recommended CRMs to consider (keep in mind the cost does not start and end with the licensing fee):

  • Nimble and Insightly for small businesses
  • Copper working with Google
  • Pipeliner and PipeDrive
  • SugarCRM is a basic CRM
  • Hubspot is good, as long as you set it up well (use a consultant to help you!)

Rick Janezic reminds us all to always ask, “What’s the job to be done by your CRM?” If you’re not sure then you won’t get what you want from it. Technology needs to make life easier so we need to be clear about what we need the tool to do and design it so it works for us. 

  1. What is it supposed to do?  
  2. How do we design it so it works? 
  3. How do we measure success?

There is a tool that will solve almost any sales problem. Figure out the problem, then look for the tool that will help fix it. You may need 3 or 4 different tools to do what you need to do. Consider your CRM the foundation. To learn more about our moderators, check out the links to their LinkedIn profiles inside this article and join us on Clubhouse on Tuesday and Thursdays at 1 pm Eastern US time in the How Good Humans Sell room. 

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