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How to make it easier to buy from us

hghs sales Aug 05, 2022
Make it easy


Most people are not intentionally adding unnecessary steps to our buyers getting what they want from our sales process. However, many of us will accidentally include steps in our process that create obstacles to purchasing. Our moderators in the How Good Humans Sell™ room recently generated this list in a recent conversation.

Check how you are doing in these key areas. What can you do better?

  1. Your demonstration process. Are you sharing everything verbally in your demos instead of using clearer graphics on slides, videos, and other visual aids that keep your audience engaged?
  2. Your slides. Make sure you have attractive, graphic-heavy slides and not just a lot of words which you then read word for word to your prospect. Reading is boring and makes people “check out” when they should be listening. 
  3. Your language. Be sure to use appropriate language for the person you are talking to. For example, some industries have jargon that is very important to them. In other cases, jargon is confusing. Ask if you are being clear. Notice what words your prospects use and use those words as well. 
  4. The path. Pretend your buyer says, “Help me understand the path to purchase.” We can actually coach our buyers as to what other clients’ steps have been in buying from us. Be sure to have a clear call to action after every call. 
  5. Your persona. Know your buyer persona. Some people are more graphically-oriented in the way they learn. In some industries, charts and statistics are very important. In other industries, people use a lot of words vs. charts. Cater your communication to their preferences. 
  6. Payment. Be thoughtful about payment terms: while we do not advocate discounting right off the bat, paying in different chunks of money and in different forms of payments can be appreciated. Again ask, don't assume.
  7. Flexibility. Work hard to listen. It’s too easy in the sales process to wait for your turn to speak but not really listen. Listening carefully will give you clues as to what to do next.
  8. Listening. Don’t interrupt. Give your buyers time to finish their thoughts. Again, go back to the previous point, and really listen. 
  9. Proposals. We are fans of adding hyperlinks and appendices for legal language, case studies, and support materials so that your actual proposal is as short as possible. If it’s 20 pages, it is too long. No one wants to read 20 pages. Ever. 
  10. Timelines. Understand your prospects' industry timelines. Does their budget year run the school year? Do they have a July 1st to a July 1st calendar cycle? Know to whom you are selling.
  11. Ask. Don’t assume. Ask thoughtfully about what you don’t understand. Don’t make assumptions. It might even be appropriate in some cases to ask, “What can I do to help this process be easier for you?”

If you enjoy this information, follow the moderators (Catherine Brown, Russ Stalters, Bill Ganon, Liz Heiman, Liz Cortes, Mike Simmons, Yoram Stone, Victor Martinez, Vicki Gurney, and Alicia Meneses Maples) in our How Good Humans Sell community on Clubhouse, on LinkedIn, and other social media.


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