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3 Sales Questions to avoid (and what to say instead)

hghs sales May 20, 2022

Sales trainers, like the ones in the B2B Sales Magic community, love to talk about the importance of asking good questions while selling. Here’s the thing: the culture in which you are selling, what you sell, and whom you are selling to all effect which good open-ended sales questions you should choose.

Here are some guidelines that our moderators discussed under the theme of the room, “Sales Questions Good Humans Avoid.”

Key Points:

  1. Be wary of asking straight up, “What is your budget?” There are 100 ways to talk about money and what your product or service costs. You might begin with your premium offer, describe the benefits and the price, and then let the conversation flow from there. You can also state, “Packages begin at ____” and wait for a response.
  2. Don’t be a lazy seller: Asking “Would you tell me about your business?” is rude because it looks like you didn’t prepare for the call which is not a #goodhuman thing to do.
  3. “What keeps you awake at night?” is trite, tired, and lazy. Don’t ask it.

One of the greatest things you can do while selling is to help your prospect know they are understood. Preparing for the call by reviewing your prospect’s LinkedIn profile and website before the call and then referencing what you read is a great way to start! 

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