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Sales Magic Special Events in December and January

podcast special_events Dec 07, 2021

We think it’s important to set goals, look back (and forward) and think about what is helping us sell well and what we'd like to do differently. End of year transitions provide a natural opportunity to do just that.

In December and January, B2B Sales Magic is hosting special guests to discuss these topics with our Clubhouse community. Interviewees in December will discuss the theme, “Your Greatest Lesson From the Year” and in January the topic will be “What You Want to do Differently This Year.” The scheduled guests are:

Yoram Stone      Liz Heiman

Keith Rozelle      Jason Cooper

Chris Bowen      Andrea Waltz

Dana Williams   Catherine Brown

Jeff Bajorek        Shadi Yazden

Liz Cortes           Renee Bigelow

Russ Stalters      Julie Stroud

Pete Mohr

There will be a different speaker on the stage everyday in our regularly scheduled rooms, Tuesday and Thursday at 1 PM Eastern and 8 AM Eastern on Wednesday. It’s a great time to come listen and get to know each other better. Will you think of someone you can invite? If they have shrugged off Clubhouse as just another fad, they may want to join just for these 2 months!

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