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What do you think it takes to be successful in sales?

marketing sales Feb 11, 2022

We What do you think it takes to be successful in sales? You might have character traits or personality characteristics or technology that comes to mind when you think of answers. We decided to tackle this question In the new How Good Humans Sell™ room in Clubhouse this week. Each week we will be discussing a key theme about how to be a sales professional who initiates, qualifies, and closes business with empathy and an effective mindset for sales.

Along with moderators (click the links to connect with them on LinkedIn) @victormartinez, @yoramstone, @billgannon, and @lizheiman, @lizcortes, @vickigurney, we approached this question by asking, “What are the common MYTHS about what it takes to succeed in sales?”

Here’s our list:

  1. Salespeople often believe they need more leads when, in fact, they often need a better mindset and strategy to pursue the ones they have.  
  2. “Trial closes” and guilting people is bad form. We also dislike what @catherinebrown called “Selling from the negative.” This is when you get them to declare their intentions by saying, “You don’t want to move forward, do you?” 
  3. A common myth is that a good lead is always ready to close. It is important to define what a good lead IS. 
  4. It’s a myth to assume I fully understand my prospect’s needs and desires without asking additional questions. Being satisfied with simple answers can be lazy and will not lead to real relationships with prospects and clients. 
  5. The mental game doesn't matter. I can show up in any mood and ignore my inner thoughts and be a helpful seller (not true).
  6. Salespeople are born, not made.
  7. You must be aggressive. Consider instead that you must listen aggressively.
  8. Only speak to the person who you think is a buyer. In the How Good Humans Sell room, we recommend you get to know many people inside the company in B2B sales. Broader connections make the sale easier overall. 
  9. Sales is about making something good for me. In reality, the whole experience needs to be great for all parties involved. 

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