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Ways to Get A Response from a Prospect That Ignores You

sales Mar 02, 2021
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This scenario was brought up by Nastran Andersen during our B2B Sales Magic discussions recently. You have an inbound lead and your talk with them and it sounds like there is a good fit for your product or service to help them. 

Then, when you follow up with them, they go completely dark.

What do you do now?

Here are two possible emails that you could send them.

The 9 Word Email

The 9-word email was developed by Dean Jackson, a successful real estate entrepreneur and online marketer, in an effort to re-engage lost prospects. 

The subject should just be their first name, i.e. “Bob”.

Just reference whatever they inquired about or you discussed.

The body of the email should be these 9 words: “Are you still looking at getting [insert] [your] [service]?”

For example, a realtor could write: “Are you still looking for a house in Georgetown?”

The Did You Give Up Email

The subject be: Did you give up on me?


Did you give up on me or are you ready to go?

Let me know,

That’s it. Both of these emails work really well to elicit a response. If you don’t get a response then just move on.

Beginning of the Month, Quarter, or Year

Send an email at the beginning of the month, quarter, or year that say:

Hi {first name},

Can you believe we just turned the calendar over on (month, quarter, year)! I know, I can't believe it either.

The last time we talked was (date) let's get something in the calendar to pick up where we left off and continue the discussion. (Note: Adjust based on the situation)

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