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Be a Better Listener
Be a Better Listener podcast sales May 09, 2022

Moderator Catherine Brown recently posted on her podcast, Conversations With Good Humans, a recording with Liz Cortes. Liz is co-owner of RebelFish Local and she talks with Catherine and fellow B2BSales Magic Clubhouse moderators, Rick Janezic and Liz Heiman. Recorded in...

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Sales Magic Special Events in December and January podcast special_events Dec 07, 2021

We think it’s important to set goals, look back (and forward) and think about what is helping us sell well and what we'd like to do differently. End of year transitions provide a natural opportunity to do just that.

In December and January, B2B Sales Magic is hosting special guests to...

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Thomas Pitches Billy Kimer negotiation podcast sales Nov 22, 2021

Listen to this fun podcast, from B2B Sales Magic host Keith Rozelle in his Sales Marvel channel, as he gives a full analysis of a Peaky Blinders pitch (AKA, how an excellent sales talk goes). Entertaining and informative!

Thomas Pitches Billy Kimer (Full Analysis)

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Listen in as Pete Mohr talks with Catherine Brown
Listen in as Pete Mohr talks with Catherine Brown marketing podcast sales Nov 17, 2021

Moderator Pete Mohr recently interviewed moderator Catherine Brown on his podcast Simplyfying Entrepreneurship to discuss how selling doesn't compromise being a #goodhuman.  Enjoy!

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