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How to Use Clubhouse



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How To Use Clubhouse

Clubhouse is an audio-only social app you download to your smartphone or tablet. Clubhouse connects you with people around the globe in rooms organized by topic. No one sees you, and you don’t see others (perfect for those early morning sessions!).

If you click the “Become a Member” button, you’ll enter your phone number (we don’t receive it, the Clubhouse app uses it), and you’ll be able to listen in and talk in any B2B Sales Magic Clubhouse rooms.

Join the Club

Want to know particulars?

The creators of Clubhouse have an extensive FAQ section.

We recommend joining, setting up your profile, and starting to listen in our Rooms. You’ll get a feel for how it works, and our moderators will make you feel welcome even if you choose not to “come on stage” and speak just yet.

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