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Are you busy during the week and want to learn to sell better on the weekends? Join us on Saturday - where B2B sales leaders, technical founders, and practitioners get tactical about sales and problem solving during this 3-hour room discussing B2B sales.

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Saturdays 9 AM to 11 AM Eastern Time U.S. (2 - 4 PM UTC)

Meet The How Good Humans Sell Moderators

Mike Simmons

Mike Simmons helps Founders, Sales Professionals, and Leaders FIND Clarity and STOP Second-Guessing the Work They Do. He does this through Process, Frameworks, Methods, Tools, & Applied Thinking.

Mike is an enabler and a coach with over two decades of operations, consulting, customer success, sales, sales operations, and executive leadership experience. He has worked with clients such as Intel, Microsoft, MIT, the Walt Disney Company, Full Sail University, and several early-stage startups. If you are new to sales or have a pipeline development challenge (stalls) or growth challenge (expansion), talk with Mike.

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Liz Heiman

Liz Heiman is a national sales expert and the founder and CEO of Regarding Sales, LLC. Her firm focuses on building B2B Sales Operating Systems that drive extraordinary growth. Liz uses strategy and process to create a roadmap for success that focuses clients on getting the results they need.

Liz trained some of the world’s powerhouse sales organizations early in her career. Using Strategic Selling™ and Conceptual Selling™, she helped them boost sales by enhancing their sales processes and systems. Liz delivers clients concrete solutions for complex sales problems. Her focus is on start-up and mid-sized companies selling in complex environments, including medical, government, and enterprise.

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Victor Martinez

Victor has been in sales almost his entire working life, and one of his favorite phrases is "leave it better than you found it." He enjoys working in the B2B sales world and has had wonderful experiences working with people. Clients won't remember what you say; they remember how you make them feel.

Being a good human is an absolute must to have personal and business success in all your roles. Having worked in positions from inside sales, direct sales, SDR, AE, Sales Management, non-profits, advisor, volunteer, and startup founder, the common factor has been dealing with other people.

With an ever-changing global climate, we must always try to better ourselves in how to connect and communicate with other people. Leaning into our strengths and identifying weaknesses we can improve is a never-ending process.

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Vicki Gurney

Vicki is a sales and revenue consultant and coach that has spent the last ten of her 25 years of professional selling in technology. She primarily works with early-stage founders, sales leaders, and individual contributors in SaaS startups. She implements her DARE (Define, Assess, Redefine, Execute) framework to develop and enhance processes that build pipelines and achieve financial goals. Vicki is skilled in adapting go-to-market strategies for internationally-based companies to ensure their successful launch in North America.

Vicki is a champion for continued learning and growth. She is passionate about helping others get to their next level, especially women in sales. She became a published author in the “Heels to Deals, How Women are Dominating in Business-To-Business Sales” collaboration in March 2022.

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Catherine Brown

B2B sales teams are struggling to reach a buyer who is busier, more distracted than ever, and now often working remotely. Catherine has a framework to train solopreneurs and small sales teams to be effective even in a pandemic, so companies can celebrate their best year ever...yes, even now. Her specialization is hi-tech and professional services sales teams. She teaches online in small groups via Zoom and through in-person workshops. She covers all the tools you need for selling: how to get appointments & close business, how to find and qualify potential customers, and how to be selling all the time without feeling icky while doing it. She takes her over 20+ years in B2B sales and rolled it into these lessons. She also uses her marketing expertise as a StoryBrand Certified Guide to help her clients.

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Bill Ganon

Bill Ganon is the CEO of The Ganon Group specializing in improving communication across all levels of an organization and developing interpersonal communication and presentation techniques. Bill founded The Ganon Group because while technology may have made us more efficient communicators, it has not made us more effective. Bill believes everyone can “up” their game for communicating critical initiatives and ideas.

Bill Ganon is a member of the National Speakers Association and a popular keynote/conference speaker on sales, networking skills, and presentation performance. Bill is also a storyteller and has won first place awards for StorySlam and GrandSlam competitions on the top-rated NPR program, The

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