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Sellers know the importance of setting goals for their revenue-generating activities, and they still struggle to set and hold clear goals. In our once-a-week 30-minute session, we take turns sharing our individual sales goals and wins.

Members of the community provide accountability and steps for goal fulfillment.

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Fridays at 4:00 - 4:30 PM Eastern Time U.S. (9-9:30 PM UTC)

Meet Your Moderators

Vicki Gurney

Vicki is a sales and revenue consultant and coach that has spent the last ten of her 25 years of professional selling in technology. She primarily works with early-stage founders, sales leaders, and individual contributors in SaaS startups. She implements her DARE (Define, Assess, Redefine, Execute) framework to develop and enhance processes that build pipelines and achieve financial goals. Vicki is skilled in adapting go-to-market strategies for internationally-based companies to ensure their successful launch in North America.

Vicki is a champion for continued learning and growth. She is passionate about helping others get to their next level, especially women in sales. She became a published author in the “Heels to Deals, How Women are Dominating in Business-To-Business Sales” collaboration in March 2022.

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