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The biggest question we get asked is...


"Can an old sales dog learn new tricks?"



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While we may not have chosen the word "tricks"...

It is our experience that there's always room to grow, whether you're new to sales or you're a seasoned professional. Anyone can learn new ways to think and make sales, so your sales serve clients and prospects with integrity.

So why wouldn't we use the word "tricks" to describe what we do in selling?

Our philosophy for sales is that selling should never feel manipulative or pushy to the buyer. We wouldn't want anyone to think we'd trick them into buying something they don't need. That's not the way a Good Human sells. Sales are something we do for other people, not to them or at them.

Let's try this Clubhouse thing out!

In January 2021, Clubhouse was new, and the concept of social audio appealed to many who were socially distanced and working from home.

Catherine Brown and Russ Stalters started the B2B Sales Magic Club just for those in B2B sales. Since then, they've brought on some fabulous, like-minded sales and business professionals to moderate the growing number of rooms in the B2B Sales Magic Club. Topics cover the tools we use (there's always new stuff out there!), the words we use, trends we're seeing, successes we've had, what we learned in the school of hard knocks, growing your business, and so much more.

Joining our rooms provides a place to get business advice you can trust.

You'll come away with actionable steps you can take to transform your business
according to your values, and never so it makes you feel sleazy or pushy.


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